Episode 63: Something Old, Something New

Meet the new co-hosts of daytime TV’s longest running show

MILWAUKEE, December 31 – It’s hard to believe but it’s been 15 years to the day since WLKE-TV3 unleashed it’s last full-time co-hosting team on Milwaukee’s longest-running TV show, Milwaukee Talk.

After an extensive search, executive producer Allen Kew has re-signed former co-host April Mae June as the temporary co-host to backfill for Mary Margaret who starts maternity leave on Monday.

show pics_4

“We went through so many show tapes even I got bored of cooking segments,” mused Kew.  “Vic mentioned he and June had a nice talk during his stay at the community house.  I got on the phone and called June and the rest is history”.

“Our meeting at the community house was a real soul-opening experience,” admits current longtime jibber-jabber jockey, Vic Shell.  “A lot of truths came out.”

For fun we thought we’d ask the latest Milwaukee Talk team the same questions we asked on the eve of the new millennium in 1999…

Q: What do you want people to say about you?

AMJ:  There’s that woman who used to host the show back in the nineties, she’s back?  Wow, she still looks great!

VS: Who’s that guy on set with April Mae?

Q: When are you most happy?

AMJ:  At home in front of the fireplace with my knitting and watching my soap opera stories with my cats at my side.

VS:  Spending time with my vast camera collection in the darkroom.

Q: What was the lowest point in your life?

VS: When I left Milwaukee Talk.  I didn’t realize it at the time but I was born to do this job.  I’m lost without it and my followers.

AMJ: My lowest point was the on-air embarrassment of having my husband telling all of Milwaukee that I can’t have kids.

VS: I did mention also that it may have been me who couldn’t have kids.

AMJ: You’re not going to win that one.

Q: If you weren’t a morning show host what would you be doing?

VS: I can honestly say I would be jobless and living in a community house on Locust Street.

AMJ: When I wasn’t hosting the show I had a nice life.  I’m looking forward to going back to that life when Mary Margaret returns from her maternity leave.

Q: What is your best kept secret?

VS: Where to start?  One…Honus is letting me live on the Milwaukee Talk set for free as part of my salary.  Two…I`m only making 38 G’s a year.  Three… Father McCartney from Pray TV performed an exorcism on our studio after Tater left. Four… April Mae and I have started dating again.

AMJ: Victor!

VS: That’s ok baby, you know it’s true.  Don’t fight it.  This time we’re going to take things nice and easy.  One hour a day, five days a week.

You can catch the new Milwaukee Talk team this morning on WLKE-TV3 at 10AM.

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