Episode 62: Aunt Mary’s Great Trip

Show re-jiggles format as a year’s worth of shows are shot

MILWAUKEE, December 28 – We at The American Log hope you’re having a great holiday but we know one thing for sure; yours isn’t as good as that of Milwaukee TV star, Mary Margaret.

Fresh on the heels of the renewal of her overnight sensation kids program, Aunt Mary’s Great Trip, the show’s creative team was left with a daunting dilemma.  How do you shoot a year’s worth of shows in a little under a week before your star goes on a year-long sabbatical?

The answer was simple to the show execs; tinker with the concept and have the star record all the intros and extros before she’s gone. “Jeannie (Reesman) came up with a brilliant new angle that allows us to pre-tape a year’s worth of shows while Mary is gone,” the show’s new executive producer Allen Kew revealed.

Under the strategy, Mary will now only be portraying her two most popular alter egos.  Each show will start with Margaret as the archeological explorer, Aunt Mary.  Aunt Mary will be out on excursion digging in a beach, cave, or riverbed and then discover a tape case.  She will pull out the unlabelled tape from the case and feed it into a playback machine which would then trigger that day’s golden oldie episode.  The show will be interspersed with Mary’s other alter ego, the beatnik Aunt Sari, who will pre-tape a slew of life tips for kids to live by.

“It’s the best solution we could come up with given the last-minute decision to renew Aunt Mary’s Great Trip station owner Honus Knox III stated. “I just wish we didn’t have to fly Mary and her family down to Florida for an all-expenses paid trip.  But where in Milwaukee can you find a beach or river scene in December that isn’t frozen solid?  I didn’t have the heart to keep her and her family apart over the holidays while they shoot this”.

Happy Mary...
Mary Margaret hosting “Aunt Mary’s Great Trip”


“Pre-taping the show in Florida in this instance makes total sense,” the show’s star, Mary Margaret, confessed on this morning’s episode of Milwaukee Talk.

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