Merry Christmas from The Chat Pack

Merry Christmas from The Chat Pack
Merry Christmas from The Chat Pack

“Watching these repeats are going to be a special treat for me,” Vic Shell continued.  “I can’t wait to relive all of these segments…like how you can use your hotel coffee maker to cook a meal, or the quick 5 step process to turn your old newspapers into yard refuse bags.  To the average Joe on the street, these snippets of sweetness are called memories – pleasant moments that we keep in our head to make us feel good when we need it most.  But to folks in the TV biz we call them repeats, great memories that we want to share with an audience to keep them coming back for more.  And that’s why this morning I say to Mary, Al, Honus and Les, thank you…thank you for being who you are and for doing what it is that you do… and thank you…thank you for the repeats.  I guess the takeaway lesson on all this is the sum of our parts is greater than what we can individually be.”


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