Episode 57: Just Awards?


IMG_5209 (1)

Not only does she put the talk in Milwaukee Talk, but Mary also happens to put the merry in Margaret!





            Shell, Margaret and Beutler to share a stage?


MILWAUKEE, December 12 – Rumors are running rampant today that this month’s annual Talk’o’Waukee TV Awards could see former Milwaukee Talk co-hosts Vic Shell sharing a stage with former co-host Mary Margaret as well as his bitter rival, current executive producer, Tater Beutler.

Apart from a few rogue cameos on Milwaukee Talk since abandoning the show and a disastrously failed attempt at starting a restaurant, Vic Shell has literally disappeared.  TV insider rumors persist that Shell has gone back to his heavy drinking days and is not employable.  One source even said in the past month Shell showed up inebriated at the Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery at 2AM to apply for a job.  Other rumors say that awards show executive producer and Shell’s friend, Allen Kew, is trying to motivate Shell for his upcoming awards appearance, telling him this could be the beginning of a career re-birth.  There are also various unconfirmed rumors that Shell has grown a beard, is currently sporting a “Milwaukee Talk(o)” face tattoo and/or has gained 50-60 pounds.

Milwaukee Talk has seen better days too.  Executive producer Tater Beutler is said to be an “OCD riddled control-monger” that introduced a new two-tiered set featuring daily fresh cut flowers, a baby nursery, a $125,000 chef’s kitchen as well as working plumbing and bathrooms.  Dissatisfied with the flow of the live show, Beutler anointed herself the production switcher.


Despite a slight ascent in ratings but still in third place, Milwaukee Talk is in the “Best Morning Talk Show” category sharing the honors with Community Cable 10’s Morning Time and Channel 4’s Morning Grind.  Each “Talk’o’waukee” Award must have at least three nominees.


Here’s a throw back to the award winning days of Milwaukee Talk.  Back when Margaret and Shell hosted big stories like snowstorms and power outages…

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