Episode 56: Aunt Mary’s a Great Hit!

New life for kids program

MILWAUKEE, December 6 – Honus Knox III finally had some good news to share with fellow WLKE-TV3 employees yesterday evening at the station’s annual Christmas party.

“I’m proud to say that even though we’re losing Mary for a year as she takes time off to give birth to a new baby, she will still have a presence on our station,” an ecstatic Knox revealed.  “Aunt Mary’s Great Trip is renewed for next year!”

The news comes as somewhat surprising given the humble beginnings the show has had.  After a year of growing pains, the young show seems to have found its voice and legs all thanks to a holiday intern who mistakenly aired the show at 12:25am instead of 12:25pm.  As failing MSCC (Milwaukee State Community College) student Dale Toxford tweeted Thanksgiving weekend that he made the same mistake three nights in a row “airing some sketchy kids show at 12:25p.m. — I mean a.m.”, his twitter followers began tuning in to see what he was talking about.

College students across the city began watching the show which that night featured an old episode of “Growing Pains”.  Students immediately took to the show which starred “a very young Leonardo DiCaprio and the religion guy” (Kirk Cameron).  Within minutes they had created a drinking game out of the half hour sitcom.  Some of the rules included drinking “whenever DiCaprio delivered a line” or when “the dad (Alan Thicke) cried out “Bennn?!?!”, “Maggieee?!?!, or any of the other cast members character names.”  If a student wasn’t able to keep up with the drinking demands, as punishment they had to obey and act on one of the “life tips” Aunt Mary would give during the show such as keeping your room clean, telling your mom or dad “they are the greatest” or making sure you finish your drinks at every meal.

According to station sources, the only worry now about the whole thing is how they can shoot a year’s worth of shows before star Mary Margaret goes on maternity leave next month.


Aunt Mary’s Great Trip finally found it’s stride.   It was a show for kids every midday at 12:25pm and it was also a show for drunk college students when they re-ran it at 12:25am.  Here’s a clip of one of the show’s cold openings.  For the record, the episode they broadcasted this day was Designing Women.

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