Episode 55: See You Later, Tater?



Latest twist in a twist of many

MILWAUKEE, December 4 – In a radical move at the WLKE-TV3 headquarters this afternoon, Honus Knox III hinted Milwaukee Talk would be going on hiatus for an “undisclosed amount of time”.

In a possible related move, WLKE has announced they have acquired the rights to Right This Minute from local channel WAUK-TV26 as of December 8.

While the problems at Milwaukee Talk have been known for a year, no one expected the show could be shelved, least of all executive producer Tater Buetler.  What came as an even bigger shock at the 11:01 post-meeting though was when Honus Knox III summoned security and told her that her contract was being terminated.


According to longtime chat gal Mary Margaret, as Tater was being escorted out of the meeting she threatened Honus Knox III with a lawsuit, saying it was an unlawful eviction.

“I’ve been living on the Milwaukee Talk set for over a year, this home has an official address, the bills are being sent to the occupant and I’m paying them. I’ll be claiming squatter’s rights!” Beutler apparently blurted.

Honus Knox III raised his hand and security released their grip on Beutler.  “If Honus did fire her she could still lay claim to the Milwaukee Talk set as her home,” Mary explained, “He later confided to me that it takes months to evict someone from their home and it could take longer to determine whether she even has rights to live on set or not.  There’s also the issue of firing Tater from her job and a settlement,” Mary explained.  “It’s all such a mess.”

To say Friday night at WLKE-TV3 was intense would be putting it mildly.   As Beutler sat up reading in the second floor master bedroom of the Milwaukee Talk set with a glass of wine, Honus Knox III discreetly hid in the control room with the cameras rolling waiting for evidence, “waiting for what kind of evidence, he wasn’t sure,” an unnamed source.

Tomorrow: Aunt Mary’s a Great Hit

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