Episode 54: Over Exposure

Vic Shell’s never met a camera he didn’t like

MILWAUKEE, December 1 – Former Milwaukee Talk jaw-flapper Vic Shell was arrested this morning and convicted in the afternoon for theft under $500.

The incident began this morning at 9:05am when undercover in-store security shoppers noticed Mr. Shell had slid a compact camera down his pants and then proceeded through the exits without paying.

Security detail at the E-Z Buy Supercenter on West Capital Drive detained Mr. Shell in the store’s parking lot without incident.  Milwaukee Police were then called to the scene and charged Mr. Shell with a simple charge of robbery.


According to a spokesman at the 22nd precinct Police Station, Mr. Shell demanded the courts give him a court hearing so they could “start this Gong Show sooner rather than later”.

On the advice of his court appointed lawyer Johnny Walters, Mr. Shell pled guilty to the charge and was sentenced to attend a diversion program for the next six months.

The latest incident is reminiscent of a charge Mr. Shell received early in his career for indecent exposure involving a television studio camera in Minneapolis.  At that time Mr. Shell proclaimed his innocence, noting to the judge, “there is a reason why they put all these gorgeous cams on pedestals”.

On his way out of the courtroom yesterday, Mr. Shell clashed with a throng of media reporters who bombarded him with endless questions.  He stopped cold in his tracks to address one question in particular.

“Someone out there just asked me what I plan to do next,” Mr. Shell began, “I can tell you if you’re going to keep shoving all your winking cameras in my face I’m going to have to start laying low…because it’s really starting to turn my crank”.

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