Episode 51: Tater to be Schooled by Hard Knox?

MILWAUKEE, November 3 – On Friday, WLKE-TV3 station owner Honus Knox III introduced Milwaukee Talk executive producer Tater Beutler to former longtime breeze shooter Vic Shell at the 11:01 meeting to explore the possibility of bringing Mr. Shell back to the show.

Insiders say Knox felt the time was right, as Shell was broke and unemployed, co-host Mary Margaret is due to go on maternity leave in about three months, and Milwaukee Talk is now languishing in fourth place in its time slot.

Tater on the other hand, was livid Honus Knox III would usurp her domain over the show. The Twitter world was aflutter as the events unfolded at WLKE-TV3 headquarters…

11:02am @Jasoneyes

  • just got hugged by Vic Shell at WLKE security desk#pickedbyvic

11:05am from @RicHammondEggs

  • Vic Shell just stopped at the WLKE commissary to pick up an egg salad sandwich #eggsaladsandwichwithshells

11:13am from @MMargaret

  • knox3 re-introduces Shell as co-host of Milwaukee Talk to applauding crew @11:01 mtg#noplacelikehome

11:18am from @MMargaret

  • Beuts explains that Vic is a “strategic co-host”??? never in-studio, always on location or skyping depending on available tech resources #WLKEWTF

11:19am from @MMargaret

  • Shell interrupts Beuts, says he assumed he would be back as full-time in-studio co-host #Uh-oh

11:20am from @MMaragret

  • Beuts says he shouldn’t assume, makes an ass of u and me #wasntfunnythe1sttime

11:22am from @MMargaret

  • Vic says he thought they had an agreement but Beuts says its tough to have a meeting of the minds when only one of them has a mind #zing

11:24am from @MMargaret

  • Shell tells Beuts the deal is off. #takingballandgoinghome 

11:31am from @MMargaret

  • Beuts half listening to Shell’s rant about respect as she types on bberry #taterberater

11:34am from @MMargaret

  • Shell says he would rather sell pencils on a street corner and live in a brothel than work with Beuts #huh?

11:37am from @MMargaret

  • turns out Tater was emailing security #vicshellisleavingthebuilding

According to a source at the meeting, Vic Shell made a compassionate plea to Tater not to have him escorted out of the building in front of his friends.  “Please don’t embarrass me.  I know Jas (Jason, the security guard) and I know he doesn’t want to do this to me either.  If you send me out on the street, I’m not going to make it.  You might as well be giving me a death sentence.  I need someplace to go every day!”

Ms. Beutler then ordered Mr. Shell removed from the premises.

According to another behind-the-scenes source, Honus Knox III was livid after the meeting.  Although usually unwaveringly loyal to his execs, he has issued an ultimatum to Tater to find a replacement in the next few weeks or he’s “going to step in and make some changes of his own”.

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