Episode 49: Love Isn’t

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“She’s a real diva” says slighted singer


MILWAUKEE, September 22 – Vic Shell promised his “Milwaukee Talko” restaurant would be much more than a “six-star restaurant” and last night he showed Milwaukee just what he had in mind.

After a ribbon-cutting ceremony launching his new “Vic Shell Memorial Recreational, Concert and Performance Hall” in front of an announced attendance of 267 (it seemed less to this reporter’s eye), Shell introduced international recording artist Allanah Myles as a special guest.

After Myles delivered new stellar singles from her “85bpm album”, the audience’s mood elevated as the first few notes of her 1990’s hit, “Black Velvet”, began to play.  An even higher joyous mood ascended over the room when Milwaukee Talk star Mary Margaret strutted onto stage with a microphone in hand to duet with Myles.

At first appearing surprised, Myles played along with the idea of a duet but it was easy to notice some static developing between the two stars as they took turns singing stanzas of the #1 hit single, each trying to vocally top the other.

The tensions rose to a boiling point by the finale of the song.  As Myles prepared to deliver the last line, Mary Margaret nodded her head no and raised her finger, placing it on Myles’ lips and then belting out the refrain by herself to a cheering house.

To say Myles was understandably visibly furious would be an understatement.  She quickly announced that her band would be taking an intermission break.

According to an unnamed source the mood backstage wasn’t pretty.

Judging by the crowd reaction, Mary Margaret assumed the duet went brilliantly and this would lead to a comeback shot for her music career.  She later revealed she was secretly hoping they would tour and perform the number together for the last half of her upcoming maternity leave but Myles saw it differently.

Vic Shell sensed an ensuing melee and tried to quickly subdue the situation by offering to have the three of them sit down and work things out “over a couple of talkos,” but Myles was inconsolable.

Minutes later Vic Shell was forced to personally take center stage and announce the show for the evening was over.


As tragic as that evening was for Shell, we leave you with video proof that there is always hope.   As we all know, Shell had that natural knack for turning bad times into good.  Here’s an example from his Milwaukee Talk days.  It was the one year anniversary of Vic Shell shearing floor director Les Tremaine’s hand yet the two amigos had the tacos to sit together and not only laugh about it, but to turn a once horrible moment into a light one.  And not only a light moment, but an opportunity to turn it into a few dollars of advertising.  Here they are shilling Absorb paper towels, “the paper towel so good, you only have to lift a finger”….

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