Episode 47 : Mmmmmaybe……..?


MILWAUKEE, September 18 – Vic Shell has personally invited Mary Margaret to review his new restaurant, “Milwaukee Talko,” on Milwaukee Talk’s “mmmmm…”, (Mary Margaret’s Milwaukee Meal Musings), a semi-regular restaurant review segment hosted by Margaret.

“The mere idea of Mary Margaret plugging Vic Shell’s new pet project on Tater’s show was more than Tater could handle.  She read the riot act during the 11:01 meeting and told us that anyone who went to Vic’s new restaurant would be fired. What really put her over the top was when Mary stood up to her and told Tater she had no right to dictate what people did outside of their jobs on Milwaukee Talk,” confided an unnamed source at the show. “That’s when Tater back-pedalled and threatened to dock a day of pay instead”.


“But Mary even called foul on that saying the restaurant is one of the biggest things to happen in Milwaukee in years but because of Tater’s petty little ego, the show is paying the ultimate price in not being there,” another insider claimed, “which is when Tater really lost it.  She said she was going home and then ran out of the meeting room, and went onto set where she ‘locked herself’ in the three-walled dining room.”

According to an unnamed source, Mary sat in victory as the stunned crew could hear Tater screaming while smashing Royal Doulton plates and gravy boats.  A few minutes later, a subdued Tater emerged from the dining room.

“OK, if you want to go that badly, then go to that restaurant,” Tater said as she placed a steak knife on the meeting table in front of Mary, “but you’re going to have to do it over my dead body.”

Another insider confided, “Mary may not have won that battle but one thing’s for sure…she really wants to check out that restaurant”.

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