Episode 46: Soft Shell Opening

imgresMILWAUKEE, September 15 – Make no mistake about this past weekend.   You couldn’t escape the buzz in the air and it was all due to the “Soft Shell Opening” of former WLKE-TV3 fat chewer Vic Shell’s new restaurant, “Milwaukee Talko”.

The massive building at 18957 Water Street has been converted to a restaurant and event center.  According to Shell, “this six-star restaurant will be the whole nine yards.  A place to come for drinks, dinner and entertainment…and maybe even a snooze”.

Taking us on a personal tour of the facility, Vic Shell walks us over to Phase One of what he estimates to be a seven phase project – the bar “Guadalooped”.  It’s a 150-seat bar with big screen TVs adorning every wall and a generous tequila menu.

“This menu has all my favourite Mexican tequilas.  I try a different one every time I visit Mexico.  Once during my February vacations at an all-inclusive and then during my twice-a-year visits to my dentist in Ciudad Juarez.” Shell admits.

Shell takes us to Phase Two, “Mucho Muncho”, an opulent dining room with bright white tablecloths and oversized cutlery.  “The baby grand piano comes in tomorrow and will go right there” Vic says proudly as he points to the corner of the room that has a lovely picture window behind it.  “One can almost imagine a magical starry Milwaukee evening with a piano twinkling in the background, and a delicious meal and fine wine on your table,” says Vic, “or cerveza”.

Vic concedes that as of now only Phases One and Two are open for business but he gladly shows us his plans for the future.

Phase Three is a concert venue which is slated to open next month.   Even though there are construction workers frantically working all throughout the venue, you can see the place will be opulent.  Vic explains that there will be an orchestra pit and the stage will be big enough to house musicals.

Phase Four is another large room next to the concert venue.  “This will be for the casino that I will try and bring in to downtown Milwaukee,” Vic proudly states.

“Phase Five is over here” Vic explains, walking us to a long corridor.  “If you know of anyone looking to open a boutique with high-end merchandise in Milwaukee this is where you’ll want to open it”.

Vic then stops in mid-flight and excitedly points upwards to the ceiling and Phase Six.  “The upper three floors above us will be called “Siesta Fiesta,” six-star hotel.  Not only will you find chocolate on your pillow we’ll be putting some in the bathroom too!” Shell exuberantly points out.

Shell concedes there is no Phase Seven at this point, “I’m just going to leave it as an unknown for now.  I’m sure I will think of something spectacular,” Shell winks.

Meanwhile, WLKE-TV3 headquarters was buzzing this weekend as lawyers were drawing up a cease and desist order that Shell was presented with this morning.  In it, they say “Milwaukee Talko” is a breach of Shell’s signed agreement of separation.

Elsewhere, the other TV and radio stations across the GMA were airing “Milwaukee Talko” ads.  One TV commercial with Vic Shell as the star has him biting into one of his tacos and proclaiming, “yummy…that’s good Shell.  Now that’s something Milwaukee should talk about”.

They certainly were. In the coming days, Milwaukee will see whether or not it was for the right reasons.


It’s no secret Vic Shell knew his way around the city’s finest restaurants.   Here is one of those clips that serves as a reminder of just how good he was at it…..

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