Humans of Milwaukee Talk

on set with Les“I knew there was trouble on the horizon when me, Kew and Shell met up for lunch. There was a tiny corner of the bar that was already constructed and Vic was so excited about what his new restaurant could be.  Kew was so relaxed he actually stomached half a taco that day.  That’s saying something because you will recall he was pretty much surviving on nothing but gummy bears back in the Milwaukee Talk days.  We were all giving Vic great options about what he could do with this new restaurant/bar he was opening.  But there was Shell at the head of this makeshift table pondering the only option he knew, “Jamesons or Bushmills?”.   Typical Shell fashion, at the end of the day he decided there was no choice to be made at all. We drank both bottles dry.”

-Les Tremaine, life-long friend of Vic Shell

Tomorrow: Soft Shell Opening

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