Episode 45: Aunt Mary’s Grape Sip

IMG_2335Was it the whine or wine talking?

MILWAUKEE, September 12 – If you are compiling a list of challenges facing WLKE-TV3’s Aunt Mary’s Great Trip, seen weekday afternoons at 12:25 in the Milwaukee area, you can add ‘disgruntled host’.

On yesterday’s episode of the children’s program the show’s host, Mary Margaret, appeared to be intoxicated.

“Not so,” countered the six-month pregnant Margaret. “We were airing the very special Facts Of Life episode when Jo got drunk and I was channeling Jo’s escapades to the viewers.  Trust me, I don’t usually wear bright, checkered shirts and a pair of ponytails either”.

What’s perplexing to the viewing audience is the fact that even though the show is pre-taped, most of Margaret’s gaffes are still making it to air.

“That’s the modern day economics of mid-market daytime television today for you,” executive producer Tater Beutler explained.  “We start taping ‘Trip’ at 1 p.m. after Mary’s lunch and wardrobe change.  The whole exercise of taping the intro, extro and two or three life tips should take about 20 minutes.  She’s trying to make the whole process as drawn out and arduous as possible.  I think Mary might be playing silly with us.  To what end?  Does she think we’ll seriously think the whole thing isn’t worth the hassle and just throw in the towel?”


This wasn’t the first time Mary has “said the wrong thing” with vim and vigour while on air.  Many Milwaukeans remember this time during the vaunted Margaret/Shell era when they were discussing recently approved words for using on air….






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