Episode 44 : Why Not Taco Shell?

MILWAUKEE, September 9 – A much talked about marquee has appeared at a recently leased empty building on Water Street that promises to be a restaurant by next week.  According to city records the building is owned by former Milwaukee Talk co-host Vic Shell.  The marquee is generating a buzz.  Do you see a trademark infringement?


Milwaukee Talk



When reached for comment Vic Shell shrugged off the similarity saying he doesn’t see a problem even though it appears he has “borrowed” the Milwaukee Talk stylings as well as their identical font.

Vic Shell also claims the color of “Milwaukee Talko’s” logo is salsa red.  “Why wouldn’t that be the color of choice for a six-star taco restaurant in Milwaukee’s Water Street district?” Shell reasons.

The similarities haven’t gone unnoticed by WLKE-TV3 owner Honus Knox III or his lawyers.  “This shamelessly flies in the face of an agreement WLKE signed in good faith with Mr. Shell last month,” WLKE lawyer Richard Azar fumed.  “For him to go out and call his restaurant “Milwaukee Talko” – an obvious nod to his former employer – leads us to no other recourse than legal action”.

Vic Shell claims that neither WLKE-TV3 nor the show itself owns the name “Milwaukee” or any of the specific font used to make said logo.

From its exterior, the restaurant appears to be massive.  Vic Shell has declined to comment on the interior of his new “six-star taco restaurant” other than to stay he is aiming to get the restaurant opened by the end of next week.

Tomorrow: Aunt Mary’s Grape Sip

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