Episode 43: Vic Shell is Back!


MILWAUKEE, September 1 – According to a cold call from Vic Shell to The American Log offices late yesterday afternoon, the former talk show host is making his way “back into the Milwaukee landscape and psyche”.

Shell even boasted he has construction crews working diligently 24/7 and they are “in the midst of creating a six-star restaurant along the Milwaukee waterfront on Water Street inspired by my personal thoughts, ideals and emotions”.

imgres-1When asked what kind of restaurant he’ll be opening, Shell was quick to respond.  “I’m in the Mexican food business now.  This is going to be destination dining, a place where you’ll want to go when you want a good high-end taco.  It’s going to be Taco Bell for the elites if you will.  I’ve always loved tacos. Over the years the more I’ve made them, the more delicious they got.   Have you ever thought about putting green olives on a taco?   I have.  Delicious.”

Vic Shell sounds like a man who hasn’t been this happy in months.  He admits he has Milwaukee in his blood and considers this to be his hometown and wouldn’t leave it for the world.  He felt lost after leaving the show but insists this is the start of his comeback.

Vic and his disastrous perm
Vic Shell in happier times

When pressed for more details about when the opening will be, Shell assured us, “You won’t be able to miss it. I’ve bought commercial spots on all 5 major networks other than PBS and will be personally starring in the commercials,” Shell revealed.

“To coin Milwaukee Talk’s motto from my co-hosting days, “Stay tuned Milwaukee!””.

Tomorrow:  Why Not Taco Shell? 

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