Episode 40: Milwaukee Rocked!


MILWAUKEE, August 10 – How was your Friday morning?   In what may have been the high point in Milwaukee Talk’s recent rating ascension, yesterday’s edition of the venerable morning chat show was certainly a shock to the land of milk and honey.   The control room was thrown into chaos as co-host Mary Margaret told Milwaukee to brace itself as she was going to make “a major announcement of her own” before the end of the show.  In the final block of the broadcast Mary Margaret revealed to an anxious Wisconsin TV audience that she was expecting a second child with her musician husband Rob Tomas.

The announcement rocks an already fragile Milwaukee Talk cast and crew who over the past year have seen a co-host walk out after the dramatic firing of its stalwart executive producer, followed by the hiring of maverick producer Tater Beutler.  Under Beutler’s circus-like reign, the show has seen the construction of an opulent two-storey powder blue and pink set as well as a rotating carousel of hosts with co-lead Mary Margaret.

Overall, the ratings have dropped since Vic Shell stopped making surprise appearances on the show.  WLKE execs are now worried that Beutler won’t be able to stop the ratings slide with Margaret gone for a year.

Kids and children’s issues have always been a major part of the Milwaukee Talk canvas, whether on-screen or off.   Not many Milwaukeans will ever forget the on-air chatter between a still-inebriated-from-the-night-before Vic Shell and his wife/co-host April Mae June-Shell that became the catalyst for their divorce.  Shell’s sober, somber apology the following morning was no consolation to June-Shell either.  “I shouldn’t have said what I said yesterday morning and I apologize wholeheartedly,” Shell began. “Anyway, who knows?  Maybe it’s me who can’t have the kids.”  Apparently the apology didn’t assuage Ms. June and weeks later the married and seemingly happily and domesticated co-hosting team’s union dissolved.


While we have previously shown you the dramatic walk-off scene between Vic Shell and April Mae June-Shell, what we haven’t shown you is some recently unearthed footage from that fateful day.  Not only will you see – ironically enough – Vic Shell explaining to his Milwaukee audience how to remove stubborn pant stains but also, he and June-Shell coming to battle one final time before she finally abandons the studio, never to return again….

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