Episode 37: Aunt Mary’s Great Slip

MILWAUKEE, September 22 – It has only been three weeks or so since the debut of “Aunt Mary’s Great Trip” but its host, Mary Margaret, may already be showing signs of the strains of hosting two daily television programs.

For the last three days, on her first show Milwaukee Talk, Mary has “accidentally” let it slip what classic TV show she would be featuring on her second show, “Aunt Mary’s Great Trip”.

“That’s kind of the big deal about ‘Trip’. You don’t know what show we’re going to be presenting until you tune in at 12:25 on WLKE-TV3,” concedes executive producer, Tater Beutler.

Overnight ratings for the new show have dropped dramatically in the past week but Honus Knox III has said he will stick with airing it “for the foreseeable future”.

“Tater is a brilliant TV mind and Mary is an unparalleled performer. I’m going to let them play with the concept for a while until they come up with something entertaining for the youngsters to watch,” Knox told The American Log yesterday afternoon.

But for her part, according to insiders, Mary Margaret is sabotaging “AMGT” by purposely revealing what TV show it will be airing during that morning’s Milwaukee Talk.

Margaret, however, is quick to interject to the accusation. “I’m still trying to re-train my mind to the world of pre-taping.  People around here should know how my news and current affairs mind works.  Once I have a fact in there I don’t let it go. When I find out we’re airing Designing Women on Wednesday’s show on that Monday, it can be a problem. It’s my job to let the viewing audience know what I know and tell them.  That’s the only thing going on here.”


As the Tater Beutler reign continued, one thing became perfectly clear.

“She was a grinder.  Both Mary and I kept wondering who was going to be fired next” Les Tremaine once told The American Log.

“Not only was I working two shows a day, one time I had a horrible cough and Tater told me to sleep on the Milwaukee Talk couch that night so she could make sure I wouldn’t call in sick.  Unbelievable…!”, Mary Margaret explained to us.

Here’s what happened that morning on the Milwaukee Talk set….

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