Episode 36: Shell-Long and Adios!


Shell Long.001
Shell signs off for good

MILWAUKEE, September 10 – In what appears to be his final salvo on the Milwaukee Talk program, Vic Shell used his own pocket money to buy a 30-second commercial during the show this morning to bid a fond farewell to his loyal viewers. In a seemingly odd choice of wardrobe, he addressed the audience attired in full army gear complete with ill-fitting helmet.

“It’s been a great run with my co-host Mary Margaret but like all good things, it must come to an end. Mary, you have been a staunch ally during my latest ordeal with management. It seems now this battle is over, but for me, a war has just begun. Let me say this to the show’s new executive producer, Tater Beutler… you are a drill sergeant and lately it seems your troops on the Milwaukee Talk team have been taking directions from General Malaise. In my opinion, the show under your tutelage is riddled with half-way segues and uninspired segments. But in the unfolding next few days Ms. Beutler, I will be introducing you to Major Announcement”, said Shell as he pointed at his own chest with one hand and used the other to try and keep his helmet positioned straight on his head.

Vic Shell threw from the commercial to Mary Margaret one last time.   Mary wished Vic Shell well, saying “he was the best and most gracious co-host a co-host could ever hope for. Even today he’s going to unfortunately let me have the last word.”


With Shell out of the picture and Mary running on autopilot for most of the morning on Milwaukee Talk, Tater Beutler was anxious to see her pet project “Aunt Mary’s Great Trip” take off.  Nothing says local TV like a public service announcement aimed at pre-teens.  Here’s one from AMGT about calling 911…

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