Episode 35: Aunt Mary’s Great Trip

IMG_2335Not only did Tater Beutler change Milwaukee Talk, she also changed the WLKE-TV3 daily schedule.

“She had convinced Honus Knox III that Mary and the rest of the Milwaukee Talk crew could churn out an extra, different and new, show a day with the remaining couple of hours on their shifts,” Les Tremaine explained.


Aunt Mary.001
WLKE announces new kids program

MILWAUKEE, September 4 – Milwaukee master broadcaster Mary Margaret will be doing double duty for WLKE-TV3 for the foreseeable future.  In addition to her co-hosting duties on the durable current affairs program Milwaukee Talk, Margaret will be starring in an afternoon kids show called “Aunt Mary’s Great Trip”.

Slated to run weekdays at 12:25 following their local noon newscast, “Aunt Mary’s Great Trip” stars Margaret as a scattered and wealthy, but good natured, aunt.  While each 35-minute show will showcase a classic TV family-oriented program, Margaret will also front birthday announcements and other brief features aimed at youths between seven and twelve.

According to the show’s writer, Jeannie Reesman, each episode of “Aunt Mary’s Great Trip” will end with Mary enduring “some sort of identity changing head injury”.  The following day’s show will pick up with Mary coming to – but with a different persona and throwing to a like-themed program to match her personality.

For example, Monday’s show ended with Mary accidently pulling down an assortment of boxes from a studio shelf onto her head.  Tuesday’s show started with Mary still covered in boxes on the studio floor but as she slowly rose up she was wearing a tie-dyed shirt and headband, spoke like a beatnik and introduced a classic episode of The Partridge Family.

Near the end of Tuesday’s show, Margaret was sitting cross legged on a table still in her beatnik character talking about good table manners.  As the show ended, she awkwardly lazed backwards from the table, crashing onto the floor.  At the beginning of Wednesday’s show Mary slowly rose from behind the table wearing a silver light fixture and a crudely made spacesuit of tin foil as she threw to a very special two-part episode of Lost In Space.

“When you take a look at Mary’s schedule you could see there was some room to maximize her talents.  She gets into work at 7AM for hair and makeup, goes through a final show meeting at 8AM, does Milwaukee Talk at 10 and then has an 11:01 meeting for next day’s show.   By 1PM she’s on her way out the door even though she’s contractually obligated for 8 hour days (until 3PM) of service.   Now we get her into wardrobe and shoot the next day’s episode of ‘Great Trip’ before she leaves,” the new show’s executive producer, Tater Beutler proudly stated.

This latest move is seen as another cost-saving measure introduced by WLKE in recent weeks.  Off the record, Mary is quite upset and reportedly even angered about the extra work for no extra pay.

“This pre-tape stuff is for the birds,” Margaret was reportedly heard saying during yesterday’s taping.  “I mean, when it’s live like on Milwaukee Talk and I boot a line it gets forgotten.  If I, say, accidentally pop out a swear word I apologize and move on.  Now, they’re all like ‘ok, take three… take four… take thirteen please’.  Good grief, some days I’m here until well after 2PM!”

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