Episode 34: Shell of a Good Time

imagesEstranged co-host Vic Shell made another appearance on Milwaukee Talk on Labor Day.  As the show was broadcasting live from the Milwaukee Motorcycle Show, co-host Mary Margaret’s voice was suddenly drowned out by an overwhelming engine drone, then seconds later obstructed by a Harley-Davidson 12000T as it cruised into frame.  A man dressed in full leather chaps shut off the motorcycle and took off his helmet to “big reveal” a red-faced and perspiring Vic Shell.

At first surprised to see Shell, Mary jokingly welcomed him back to the show.  Shell assured Margaret he was not returning and that he stood by the threat he uttered on the Friday, August 24th broadcast of the show.  “It takes Kew to make two,” Shell quipped.

Shell was referring to the ultimatum he delivered on the final episode of imgreslongtime producer Allan Kew’s tenure on Milwaukee’s longest running morning talk show.

Sometime substitute co-host/morning weatherman Chip Kelly froze on air as Shell confided to him that he has been at the “Quaker Steak & Lube” event tent since the festival started on Friday morning.

Behind the control room door the mood is mixed on how new executive producer Tater Beutler feels about the unannounced Shell walk-ons.   On the one hand she likes the buzz that Shell creates when he appears on the show.  She sees it as a nice, subtle transition on the road to Shell’s final fade to black.

On the other hand, given Beutler’s reported OCD, she abhors the chaos his unexpected cameos create.  As Chip Kelly admits, “Shell was a real wild card today.  Tater was okay with it the first time, and was even okay with the walk-on the second time, but by the third time when he used the term “crotch rocket” to refer to his motorcycle, she felt it was time to cut to commercial.


Last week we told you about Allen Kew’s brainchild, “The Can You Guess Game”. This week we’ll tell you about another fantastic game he devised, “Milwauk, Paper, Scissors”.

“The game was basically “rock, paper, scissors”  but with ‘Milwaukee’ replacing the ‘rock’ part,” Allen Kew would later reveal.

As simple as it sounds, the game redux spawned popular renditions across the nation on other local morning talk shows.

“Little Rock, Paper, Scissors”

“Knoxville, Paper, Scissors”

and a Canadian version called “Puck, Paper, Scissors” to name but a few.

Enjoy this edition of Milwauk, Paper, Scissors…..

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