“The Can You Guess Game” Tuesday

“The Can You Guess Game” is quite an invention devised by former Milwaukee Talk executive producer Allen Kew.

“It’s a game show on two levels.   On one level, viewers call in and attempt to solve a puzzle and win the gift voucher from that day’s sponsoring grocery store,” Allen Kew explained.  “But on another level, the grocery stores are vying for the chance to be the store who supplies the winner with the groceries.”

Here’s how it works….

Every day a Milwaukee grocery store coughs up $125 dollars for an on-air plug during the show and also a chance to supply the winner with the grocery jackpot the contestant wins.  $90 goes directly to the Milwaukee Talk coffers.

$90 a day x 5 days a week x 52 weeks = $23,400 for Milwaukee Talk.

What about the remaining $35 from the $125?  That $35 goes to “The Can You Guess Game” jackpot.  When there finally is a winner, the grocery store sponsor that day is awarded the jackpot money and gives the winner their store voucher for the same amount.  As Allen Kew said with a smirk, “they not only get the extra business, they also enjoy the profits of the mark up of the items.”

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