Episode 33: Raise a Little Shell




MILWAUKEE, August 29 –  Well for the record, Vic Shell’s absence from WLKE-TV3’s long-running Milwaukee Talk show lasted a grand total of two shows.   During this morning’s broadcast viewers were surprised when a phone-in caller to a tax tips segment turned out to be none other than Shell.

At first serious in tone, Shell asked tax consultant Pat Ludwig for his advice. “I am in between jobs.  Do my unemployment benefits count as income?” When Ludwig earnestly answered the question, Shell continued. “I have another question, what are the repercussions for Mary’s taxes this year now that she won’t be able to claim Vic Shell as a dependent?”  At first greeted with silence, Shell then erupted into his trademark laugh.  Then Mary Margaret and Ludwig both broke into laughter as well, realizing they were caught off guard by a “classic Vic Shell gag”.  When Mary said she was surprised Shell would call in, Shell joked “wild horses can’t keep me away from my duties on Milwaukee Talk, not even a wild horse named Tater Beutler”.  Shell and Margaret traded more of their trademark banter and Margaret even let Shell throw to commercial.  “You’ll be right back Mary… but I won’t.”

Shell refused to show up to the Milwaukee Talk set Monday in protest of the firing of the show’s longtime executive producer, Allan Kew.

= .=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.

Just this past week, Vic Shell revealed to The American Log that calling in during the tax tip segment wasn’t the only time he flew under Beutler’s radar and made a rogue cameo on Milwaukee Talk.

“I was a caller into “The Can You Guess Game?” during that week that jackpot went up to unheard of levels,” Shell proudly states.   “I wanted to out of my own personal satisfaction to show everyone I was still part of the show… the free groceries wouldn’t of hurt either.”

Make sure you call us up everyday this week too, as we’ll be presenting clips from that momentous time when “The Can You Guess Game” jackpot was steadily rising.  In the meantime, here’s that clip when Shell called in.  See if you can tell it’s him…

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