Episode 31: The Truth About Allen Kew’s Stool

thumb_IMG_0337_1024It’s just as iconic as the blue couch or the faux brick wall background you see each morning on the Milwaukee Talk set.

“Every morning Allen Kew comes to work with a large coffee in hand and buckles down to start working on a big, dark stool,” Mary Margaret told The American Log.

“Most people would sit on a stool but Allen Kew is such a bundle of nervous energy you’d never catch him sitting on it,” Vic Shell  explained recently.  “Allen uses it as a desk, he would write his script notes on it.”

And not only will it undoubtedly, most likely, wind up in the Greater Wisconsin Broadcast Hall of Fame someday, its legacy comes not just from its Milwaukee Talk heydays.

“Our stool dates back to our college days in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan when we stole it from Jughead’s Bar down on 34th Street West,” Allen Kew volunteered.

“We were bored one Tuesday night.  Around midnight there was no one in the place except me and Allen when the bouncer told us it was time to go home.  We thought it would be the funniest thing on earth to smuggle out a bar stool,” Vic Shell began.

“We stalled the bouncer by saying we had to hit the can.  Vic snuck to the bathroom first with the stool.  Thankfully he carries a bottle opener/screwdriver keychain with him so he was able to take it apart,” Kew explained.

“I was able to fit the chair legs down my pant legs and left the seat and a couple support dowels for Allen to smuggle,” Vic revealed.  “The dowels were no problem but thankfully, and not a lot of people know this…. maybe a couple ladies and Allen’s doctor but…”

“I have a trick pelvis,” Kew told The American Log.

“Allen was able to basically snap that square solid chunk of oak right up into his pelvis/hip bone area and then slapped one of the three inch support dowels down the front of his pants and another one in the back.  Bouncer didn’t suspect a thing when we walked out,” Vic proudly states.

“That night we went back to Vic’s dorm room, giggling like we pulled off the biggest heist in the history of Saskatoon.  We took turns sitting on it like it was some royal, grand throne,” Allen recalls with a laugh.

“Allen was a real straight-laced guy back then and I like to think this helped bring out some of his confidence.   On his way out the door that night we got into an argument about who would keep the stool.  A couple of days passed and Allen wasn’t showing up to any of our classes.  I went over to his place with the stool in hand and told him to keep it.  We’re a team and this stool will be a constant reminder that if we’re going to make it in this business we have to work together. What happens to me, happens to Allen,” a choked-up Vic Shell explained.

“And when you think about it, he’s right,” Allen Kew reasons. “We are a team.  His idea…. but my pelvis.”

Allen Kew's famous stool
Allen Kew’s famous stool

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