Episode 29: Upside Down Frownie Brownies

“I hope the suits upstairs realize a lot of people took a real shine to us, not necessarily this show itself,” Mary Margaret once told her Milwaukee Talk viewing audience around the time The Chat Pack’s Allen Kew was fired from his executive producer post.  And she was right.

set photo_16 copyThe phone lines lit up when the news broke about Kew’s dismissal.  There was even a petition circulating around Milwaukee to get WLKE to reverse their decision.

Word had it station manager Honus Knox III was shocked at how popular The Chat Pack still was but there was all that money he was paying them every week.

“After the display of emotion at the termination of Kew, Knox seemed to have even more resolve to go through with his decision,” an inside source at the station revealed to The American Log who was later also terminated on the advice of the new executive producer, Tater Beutler.

So this week we pay homage to the love and affection given to The Chat Pack. Here’s a heartwarming clip from that horrible week Allen Kew was pink slipped.

“You know if you just have a little faith you’ll find the right thing always comes your way at the right time,” Vic Shell philosophically explained on the show.  And in this case it came in the form of a plate of brownies….

One thought on “Episode 29: Upside Down Frownie Brownies

  1. Somehow your Mary Margaret seems very familiar. Did she ever work in Canada. I would like to know more about her. Keep up the good work.
    A loyal fan
    Ross Webster


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