Episode 28: Milwaukee Shock!

“I’ll never forget that 11:01 meeting,” Mary Margaret told The American Log recently.

“The feeling of that whole room was numbness,” Kew would reveal.

“It was the moment when all of us grew up,” Les Tremaine admitted.

“It was like all this time I was sitting in someone else’s easy chair, and me and Mary were guests in our own living room.   It was a real wake up call from Honus Knox III… I guess you can’t sleep on your parents couch all your life,” Shell reasoned….


Milwaukee Shock.001
Renegade new station manager vows to shake up the establishment

MILWAUKEE, August 20 – Although Milwaukee Talk has risen to number three in the 10AM weekday morning timeslot, station manager Honus Knox III has opted to drop longtime producer Allan Kew in favor of a new cowboy-booted renegade from Wyoming, Tater Beutler. At M-Talk’s daily so-called “11:01 meeting”, held immediately after their broadcast, Knox dropped the bombshell that Kew was out and Beutler was in. Insiders say Shell was first to proclaim his distaste.  “He stood up, slammed his fist on the table and told Honus this was unacceptable and that they needed more time to bounce back after Mary’s return from mat leave,” an unnamed source said.

Kew and Shell have quite the history
Kew and Shell have quite the history together

Shell is particularly defensive of Allan Kew’s dismissal for good reason. The Kew/Shell connection dates back to Shell’s first days in broadcasting at Moose Jaw Flapping, a weekly Saturday morning community access program that drew rave reviews and public acclaim. Kew then parlayed Shell’s considerable on-screen presence and the rising popularity of music videos at the time into an after school program from Saskatchewan called SaskaTunes. Kew is credited with penning Shell’s signature opening salvo on the show, “From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the town so nice they almost named it twice”.

Ms. Beutler’s successes can’t be denied. In six short months she orchestrated the meteoric rise of morning gabfest Rise in Cheyenne, to an unbelievable 51 share of all of Wyoming on any given morning. Co-workers describe Tater as a workaholic and very devoted to her show, often working at the station for days on end to get the show just right. “She is a show doctor that can save any show and the results shine through every morning.  I’m happy to see her getting the chance to work in a bigger market” said JayCee Laramie-St. Clair, co-host of the show and former Miss Wyoming finalist. Gil Murray, the owner of KSHY-TV in Cheyenne, says Tater is a born leader with a keen sense of how to stretch or save a dollar. She has previously rescued shows such as AM/DC (Washington) and Little Rock Alarm Clock.

Have we seen the last of Allen Kew?
Have we seen the last of Allen Kew?



A special tribute edition of Milwaukee Talk is planned for Friday, August 24th, when Mr. Kew leaves his post. Ms. Beutler is slated to take over the reins on Monday, August 27.



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