Episode 22: Les and Less

IMG_5233Sure, The Chat Pack had more than their fair share of outrageous acts over the years, and so their popularity was in no way affected when Mary Margaret stormed the stage to accept an award that wasn’t hers.  However, coupled with this following little gem of a yarn that happened a week later, there’s no mistaking the sorry path The Chat Pack were going down…..


Tremaine in triage
Tremaine in triage

MILWAUKEE, January 10 – There was another bizarre maiming of The Chat Pack member Les Tremaine early this morning when Milwaukee EMS received a call from Tremaine that his legs were run over by a car.

In addition to losing five fingers last year at the hands of Milwaukee Talk co-host Vic Shell, Les Tremaine has now lost his legs in a bizarre and dubious accident.  The kicker?  Shell was mysteriously involved in this one too.
In addition to losing five fingers last year at the hands of Milwaukee Talk co-host Vic Shell, Les Tremaine has now lost his legs in a bizarre and dubious accident.  The kicker?  Shell was mysteriously involved in this one too.

Details are sketchy but The American Log can confirm that blue comedian/stage manager Tremaine was being driven home early this morning by longtime TV prattler Vic Shell.

In fact, Shell and his car were still at the scene of the incident when 911 crews arrived on the scene.

According to investigating police officer Andy Kramer, when emergency services arrived Mr. Tremaine was still on the ground with a drink in his hand while Mr. Shell sat next to him hiccupping.

While both were visibly intoxicated, Tremaine and Shell maintain they had consumed all of their alcohol after they were shaken by the accident.

According to Shell’s and Tremaine’s separate but matching statements, a sober Shell had dropped off Tremaine at his house.  After wishing him a good night, Tremaine closed the car door and slid on a piece of ice and his legs went under the car unbeknownst to Shell.  Shell began to back the car up over Tremaine’s legs.   Tremaine began to scream and Shell, realizing “something wasn’t right,” pulled the car forward running over Tremaine’s legs again.  Shell got out of the car to investigate, calling out Tremaine’s name.  Tremaine, who was now under the car, faintly answered back to Shell that he was in need of his assistance.  Shell then went to the front of the house and knocked on Tremaine’s door.  After hearing some more muffled sounds Shell assumed Tremaine was inside his house and okay.   Shell went back to his car and exited the driveway, running over Tremaine’s legs again.  It was then that Shell saw Tremaine on the driveway, pulled back into the driveway accidently driving over Tremaine’s legs a fourth time.

This is the latest tragic event surrounding the antics of Shell and Tremaine.  Years ago Shell and Tremaine were involved in a band saw accident on set of the Milwaukee Talk program which saw Tremaine lose most of his right hand.  Staff at that time had openly speculated if Shell was hung over during this incident, and had possibly inadvertently contributed to Tremaine’s finger loss.

At Milwaukee General Hospital the prognosis was not good.  Doctor Thomas Jolls concedes there were so many shattered bones and fragments in Tremaine’s legs that they will likely have to be amputated.

Milwaukee police have been combing favorite haunts The Chat Pack have frequented in the past in efforts to see if anyone saw the Chat Packers and can substantiate what happened on the night of the incident.

To that end Vic Shell has volunteered his credit and debit card transactions of the evening to further bolster his story. Police are skeptical that it will bring any leads since it’s widely known that Shell always pays cash.

No charges have been laid although police say they continue to investigate.

Tomorrow: The extravagant and decadent lifestyle of The Chat Pack spills onto the Milwaukee Talk set both literally and figuratively.

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