Episode 16: Time, Temp & Date

Coming hot off the heels of winning eight of their nine nominations at that year’s Talk’o’Waukee Awards, The Chat Pack was strutting their stuff higher than ever. For the record, it was Mary Margaret who edged out Vic Shell for Best Morning Talk Show Host that year.

Knowing Shell, you’d think there’d have been some professional jealousy between him and Margaret.   There wasn’t.   On reflection, maybe it was because Shell had other things on his mind…?   A longstanding and unfinished issue with a former regular from the show, perhaps?

After all, it had been years since he had spoken to her.   The public fall out was known to everyone in Milwaukee WLKE-TV3 circles….


Vic Shell relights an old flame?


UnknownMILWAUKEE, January 2 –New Year’s Eve 2004 was one for the books for the Milwaukee Talk co-stars.  Following the “Chat Pack New Year’s Eve Party” stage show at the Ballast Casino and Events Center, co-host Vic Shell revealed he will be gallivanting the rest of the night away with Marjory, the former Milwaukee Mentor segment winner.

“My job on Milwaukee Talk has afforded me daily reciting of the time and temp.  Now… I’ve got the date part too,” an ecstatic Mr. Shell exclaimed with a wink.  “Marjory and I had a chat over the phone.  We’ll be going on a date tonight.”

To bolster the evening Mr. Shell also revealed he has been studying Marjory’s native tongue, French, relentlessly for the past two months.

Vic Shell gets ready to ring in a brand new year
Vic Shell gets ready to ring in a brand new year

“I think it’s imperative that a couple converse and communicate with each other. Maybe I’m old fashioned that way,” Shell reasoned as he adjusted his tie in anticipation of the big meeting with Marjory.

When the final moment did occur as they met at a roulette table in the casino, Shell was taken aback at the allure of Marjory. “This is the real thing. She’s perfect in every way. Bonjour Marjory,” Shell crooned to Marjory.

“Hello, Vic,” Marjory had learned English.

Later, Shell would reveal to The American Log what went on afterwards.  “It was a blur quite frankly.  We went to a 24 hour bacon and egg joint. We did a lot of apologizing.  Me, for the things I said.  Her, for the things she’d done.  The more we talked the more we realized that we are just a pair of regular people.   We make mistakes, others see us differently than for what we really are.  I said I was sorry, she said she was very sorry too and then the next thing you knew a beam of sunlight was shooting through the window.  We realized we’d missed ringing in the new year.  2004 had begun without us and we didn’t give a damn.  All in all, I guess I’m just a lucky guy gettin’ luckier.”

In other Milwaukee Talk news, co-host Mary Margaret was seen enjoying ringing in the New Year with the lead bassist of “The Half and Halfway House Band”, Rob Tomas.


How good was the start of Y2K4 for The Chat Pack?

Number one rated morning talk show?  Check.

Critical acclamation from peers at that month’s Talk’o’Waukee Awards?  Check.

Sold Out casino shows?  Check.

It was shaping up to be the best year of all time.   Nothing could stop them, right?   Right?!?  Well… for now let’s just bask in the glory of the moment with The Chat Pack by replaying this catchy little trailer inviting everyone to their casino stage show.  It played on TV’s all over Wisconsin that winter.  Who wouldn’t want to go after seeing this…..

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