Episode 7: Angel Takes Flight

“No really, I’m OK…  the hurt, the pain, the tears, the wailing… it’s how I know I’m still alive.”

-Vic Shell, co-host of Milwaukee Talk.

Whatever people think about the Angel/Vic relationship, for the first time in years someone had gotten Shell to come out of his shell.   WLKE-TV3 employees claim that as Angel was being ushered out the door that morning they could hear her speaking perfect English.   Shell had been had.  As in “had” for a small fortune.

Others, like Shell, were reluctant to believe it.   “She was my best friend,” he would reveal that morning at Milwaukee Talk’s infamous daily 11:01 post show meeting.  Whatever it was, it was the end of an era.  Thankfully The American Log was there and had all the details….

Morning man meets lady of the night
Morning man meets lady of the night

MILWAUKEE, May 9 – It’s only been a month into Milwaukee Talk’s highly touted Milwaukee Mentor social experiment but the whole project has been shut down.

Details are dubious and executive producer Allen Kew is quick to point out he was always leery of the “makeover” concept, especially the liabilities and dangers of working with wildcards like the candidates that were introduced during their week long on-air vetting process.

“This was reality programming at its peak,” Mary Margaret proclaimed on this morning’s show, “we definitely broke a few broadcast barriers”.

And maybe a few laws as well.

With about 15 minutes to go before going live, staff was caught off guard when a woman claiming to be a legal associate named Daisy Potts walked into the WLKE head office and presented Milwaukee Talk co-star Vic Shell with an eleven thousand dollar tab for nearly a month’s worth of “old-fashioned’s”.

At first confused, it was explained to Shell that Marjory (a.k.a Angel) is a sales representative for a local popular service, “Consorts of Sorts”.

According to an unnamed inside source Shell pleaded to Potts, “Don’t take my angel away from me.  The secrets I’ve confided in her… the things we’ve done… and…the joys we’ve held…,” Shell said as his voice trailed off.

It was a quick but harsh good-bye for Shell and Angel.  As she leaned in to kiss him on the cheek, Daisy pulled her away, “leaving Shell there in tears,” according to another unnamed source in attendance.

When reached for comment yesterday afternoon,  nonagenarian WKLE station owner Honus Knox III lamented, “I was just surprised that a worldly co-host like Shell wouldn’t recognize an everyday, street corner flapper when he saw one.”

On this morning’s episode of Milwaukee Talk, Mary explained to their TV audience that “unfortunately you won’t be seeing Angel on our show any longer.  The details certainly are sketchy but suffice it to say we’re leaving the matter to lawyers and I think eventually we will see this go down as the biggest palimony suit Wisconsin has ever seen.”

Shell, for his part, was defensive and fired a final parting jab at Angel, “You believe what you want to believe and you hear what you want to hear. Mary thought she was introducing herself as “Annie-Jo” and I thought she was telling us her name was “Angel”.  Now, knowing what we know, in reality, I think when she was saying “’an’jo” she wasn’t trying to tell us her name at all.  Now I’m thinking she was just walking around the studio offering everybody h*nd jobs.”


The American Log has unearthed this rare and never-heard-before audio clip that a restaurant patron next to Shell and Angel’s table covertly recorded one night at Milwaukee’s popular posh eatery, The Magic Onion.   In it, you can hear the playfulness and overriding joy in the two’s voices.

Years later late one night (or more likely very early one morning), Shell confided to Kew and Tremaine over a bottle of fine Irish, “I don’t know why I got so hung up on teaching Angel how to speak English.   We spoke the international language that knows no boundaries, passports or checkpoints.  The one that starts with an “L” and ends with an “ove”.”

Truer, more profound words have probably never been spoken by Shell.

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