Episode 6: Guardian Angel!

Vic Shell was officially back as Milwaukee’s man about town, and not just bar-toweling in gin joints that smelled like stale beer as he hustled pool for Jackson’s either.   No, we’re talking high class restaurants with napkins they send out to get cleaned every night and three different kinds of complimentary breads at your table before you even order.   It was his re-awakening in so many ways, and he has Milwaukee Mentor winner Angel to thank for it.  And with that awakening not only came the notoriety a celebrity enjoys but also every opportunist looking to make a quick buck at the expense of Shell.   The American Log was there on the night of Milwaukee’s biggest thwarted kidnapping and here’s how they saw it….

Shell quells would-be kidnapper
Angel quells Shell’s would-be kidnapper

MILWAUKEE, April 13 – Last evening there was an attempted kidnapping of Milwaukee Talk co-host, Vic Shell. While enjoying dinner at the posh downtown dinner club, The Denim Plate, the TV personality went to the men’s room to freshen up and was assaulted as an abductor tried to pull him through a side door into an alley.

“Angel was curious why my squirt was taking so long and thankfully she figured she’d go to the bathroom to see where I was,” Milwaukee Talk flapping frontman Vic Shell said. “When this scumbag creep came at me I almost lost it.  As you know, it’s tough to fight in the midst of a nature call.  But I was ready to punch his puss and knock him into next Tuesday.  Lucky for him he scrammed when he saw Angel.”

When contacted, WLKE-TV3 owner Honus Knox III was aghast as well but more so about the time co-host Vic Shell is spending with the Milwaukee Mentor contest winner. According to an inside source at the station, there are also “nooner meetings” between Shell and Angel. Occasionally spurts and bursts of laughter and giggles can be heard behind Shell’s closed dressing room door.

When confronted about their ongoing midday rendezvous, Shell shot back that “what’s going on in that room is no one’s affair but ours. Angel is very grateful to me for showing her my business, the TV business. She’s also teaching me Spanish and is a sounding board for me.  You know me to be a deeply complex individual. If I don’t share my personal innermost emotions with someone, I’d explode.  Are we loud in there?  Yes.  Do we giggle?  Sure.  Do we occasionally groan?  Of course we do, the TV business is like that.”

The revelation from Shell was surprising given the highly guarded personal life the two-time “Talk’o’waukee” TV award winner lives ever since his on-screen wife/co-host April Mae June walked off the Milwaukee Talk set two years ago while they were disagreeing about a personal issue on-air.


The 1998 on-air breakup between Shell and his wife, April Mae June, is the stuff TV legends are made of.   The couple had received some distressing medical news and, on the eve of their birthdays (they were born on the same day), Shell and June decided to spend the weekend apart and then celebrate on the Monday after hosting the show.  Shell spent the weekend with Kew and stage manager Les Tremaine carousing the finer taverns of Milwaukee and at the end of the night they convinced Shell to let them perm his hair to “get a new outlook on things”.

“That perm was bad,” Tremaine would later joke, “but what do you expect when you buy a kit at an ‘all-nite’ salon?  Shell’s head is so big, figuratively and literally, that we ran out of curlers and couldn’t go all the way around the bottom back of his head.”

June meanwhile spent the weekend at a spa and wound up getting a gallery of tattoos.  One on each thigh saluting women in broadcasting and a third one that still remains a mystery to Shell to this day.

You’ll see in this clip that the tension was simmering throughout the morning broadcast.  After some brief but heated dialogue exchanges, things reached it’s unfortunate boiling point.

In the words of Shell, “Talk about misreading a situation.  I’ve seen that break-up tape a million times and to this day I still swear she was leaning in to kiss me when she stood up.”

Ironically enough, the final segment on the show that morning was Shell demonstrating how to remove stubborn stains from a soiled pair of pants.

Here is how this piece of TV history unraveled….

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