Episode 5: Angel Wins!

Vic, Mary and even Allen Kew had their own favorites to win the Milwaukee Mentor contest.   Mary was partial to her original find, Raymond, the squeegee kid on Locust Street.  Allen backed Dennis, the early morning fondue delivery guy who would often slip Kew an extra croissant when he dropped off his order to the Milwaukee Talk green room.   But in the end, there was no one in the Milwaukee Talk boardroom who had more push and pull than Vic Shell.  Forget which way the ballots tabulated, he wanted his candidate Angel to be the winner.  And in those days, what Shell wanted, Shell got.

No one knows for sure how Shell and Angel first met.  Angel claimed she didn’t speak English and Shell refuses to discuss personal dalliances other than to say he asked her if she wanted to do the job and she said yes.

In the end, the contest was a sham and the fallout was messy.  Due to legal restrictions and an ongoing court injunction, we aren’t allowed to show you any clips or pictures of the Milwaukee Mentor winner or segments from that era.

But if you ever have the chance to meet Vic Shell, ask him if he has any regrets about the Milwaukee Mentor contest.  If you do, chances are he’ll lean back in his iconic blue chair, grin that Vic Shell grin, and tell you the real winner of the Milwaukee Mentor contest was him….

Angel Wins
Meet the new co-host of MTalk

MILWAUKEE, April 6 – A woman who simply refers to herself as “Angel” has won the “Milwaukee Makeover” contest on WLKE-TV3’s Milwaukee Talk.

“You must be so gunned about your new job”, beamed co-host Mary Margaret as she sat on the Milwaukee Talk set with her new protegé during yesterday’s broadcast. “We are going to make you a big star.”

“Let me tell you a bit about this little dame…she just scoffed down everything on our craft table in two and a half minutes flat this morning. She would have probably drank all the coffee too if it wasn’t so gosh darn hot. But that’s good, I love a lady with a good appetite,” Vic Shell joked to his morning audience.

“I have so many big make-up plans for you Angel! When was the last time your eyeliner matched your blouse?” Mary Margaret continued after Shell.

It appears Angel will be more of a challenge than originally thought. She doesn’t speak English. That became apparent on last week’s show introducing Angel when she was offered up as one of the contestants. Vic Shell asked her name and she softly replied “’an’jo”.

Mary immediately jumped in happily saying, “Annie-Jo? I named my first doll Annie-Jo!” but Vic jumped back in to correct her, “No Mary, I’m pretty sure she is trying to tell us her name is Angel”.

“The purpose of the experiment is still a work in progress,” executive producer Allen Kew sheepishly admits. “This is literally the brainchild of Vic and Mary.  In most ways I wash my hands of the project.  Not just figuratively either.”


As you’ll recall, last week we showed you a clip of Mary trumpeting a very tardy letter delivered to her door by the postal service.  She had vowed to bring a camera crew down to the head office and get some real, hard-hitting answers.  Thankfully cooler heads prevailed as you’ll see in this week’s clip….

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